Module Tubeless Tapes

We've designed our NEW Quickseal Tubeless Tape with more stretch and less "crinkle" to seal your tubeless rims more effectively. Module tubeless tapes are designed for serious riders on Mountain, Gravel and Ebikes. We offer three different options, each optimized for specific applications. Installing tire inserts? Check out our Tubeless Tape System.

The Module Quickseal Red premium tubeless tape was designed to seal tubeless rims quicker, and with less hassle! Our Quickseal Red tape offers better elasticity and conformability than other tubeless tapes which hugs the curves of your rim bed better and seals your rim fast.

Module Blue Premium tubeless tape
was designed to offer excellent elasticity and comformability to hug the curves of your rim bed better than other tubeless tapes to seal your rim fast.

The Module Quickseal Purple Premium Tubeless Tape System (Patent Pending) was designed to seal tubeless rims quicker, with less hassle and better durability! 

Apply the Red as a base layer to quickly seal your rim and apply our Blue Premium Tape on top for better durability and protection from unruly tire levers! Red+Blue=Purple!

The Purple System also offers better durability for tighter fitting tires, riders that change tires a lot, and riders running inserts such as Cush Core!

Just SAY NO to black duct tapes! Our Quickseal Purple Tubeless System is lighter and more durable than duct tape, and won't leave a messy residue when removed. Plus, it seals your rims just as easily if not better!

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Module Tubeless Tapes are Made in the USA