Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What Tough Dome protector fits my bike?

A: Our domed Downtube Protectors are 8”x2” which fits most carbon and large diameter alloy downtubes. Kits include multiple modular pieces so that you can fit them together for your specific frame. We don’t recommend the domed protectors for steel frames or for narrower carbon tubes.

Q: What if my frame has a narrower downtube or I have a steel frame?

A: For narrower tubes or steel frames, we recommend using our Lite Shield products. The Lite Shield material offers better versatility and higher adhesion when the tubes are not flat or large diameter.

Q: Do you offer kits customized for my specific frame?

A: At this point we don’t offer custom frame kits.

Q: How do your downtube protectors compare with other company’s protectors?

A: Module domed protectors feature a 1.25-15 mm polyurethane dome which is up to three times thicker than most other protectors on the market. This material absorbs impacts and rebounds to its original shape giving your bike frame maximum protection against the elements.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we ship internationally for free! We ship via USPS First Class Mail which is the only economically feasible way to do so. Unfortunately, service can often be slow and take anywhere from 9-15 days to arrive.

Q: How come I didn't get a tracking number from Module?

A: We arrange our shipping through Paypal so you will get a separate email from Paypal with your tracking info.

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