Module Fenders

Stay clean! Module fenders keep the muck and grime off your face and clothes! 

Module front fenders are designed to block mud, dirt and debris from being thrown forward by the front tire and into your face. They also keep grime away from your lower headset bearings and out of the impossible to clean holes in your fork arch.

With a total length of 15.25" our rear fenders extend about 7.5" behind your seat to block mud, dirt and debris from being thrown up in a rooster tail and onto you. The Mud Shield rear fender is designed to be useful on any bike and can knock down crud flying off of 2.6" tires but still look slick on bikes running 25c rubber.

All Module fenders are designed to be mounted quickly so you can get out of the garage and onto the trail faster!

Blue Star on Black Stealth                                        Black Star on Black


Module Fenders

Module Fenders are Made in the USA