Often referred to as "Helicopter" or "Heli" Tape. Frame Tapes are perfect for quick applications almost anywhere you need some protection. Protect your frame from rocks, sticks, trail and road debris and even that rough tailgate carrier! We offer a budget and premium version. We offer two types of polyurethane Bike Heli Tapes.

Paint Shield - Heli TapeIs a 9.4 mil high quality polyurethane frame protection tape designed to protect your frame where you don't need thicker protectors. Available in a clear gloss finish in a 2" wide by 5' long roll which is large enough to cover your down tube, top tube, chain-stay and cable rub points. Also works great for fork lowers, shock bodies, and more.

Heli Tape PLUSIs 30% thicker than our standard Heli Tape at 14 mil for extra protection against trail and road hazards and comes on a paper liner for easier trimming and application. This is a great MTB Heli Tape!

Lite Shield Frame Tapes
Are available in the matte Lite Shield material in and 1.6'x34", 2"x30" and 3"x30" rolls for easier application on downtubes, toptubes and stays.

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Module Frame Protection Tapes are made in the USA