Module Lite Shield

Our Lite Shield 12 mil PVC material is made from the same material used to protect motorcycles and snowmobiles. It's light weight but unbelievably tough!

Lite Shield products go on pretty much anywhere and adhere excellent to most surfaces.
Lite Shield protector kits come pre-cut to fit downtubes, top tubes, cranks, handlebars, chainstays and forks but also fit other areas of your frame. We offer two different types - clear with a semi-gloss finish and matte finish lets your bikes graphics shine through.

One of the unique properties of the Lite Shield material is that you can layer other protectors on top of the clear Lite Shield material to increase the protection for your frame. We offer several kits which combine our Lite Shield material as a base layer with our Tough Dome proetctor applied on top. NOTE: we don't recommend layering on top of the matte material.

We also offer the matte PVC Lite Shield material in rolls for easy application on down tubes, top tubes and other parts of your bike and you can trim as needed for a custom fit. Available in 1.6"x34", 2"x30" and 3"x30" rolls.

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ALL Lite Shield Products are manufactured in the USA