Module TOUGH DOME - Our Thickest Downtube Protectors

Module Tough Dome domed protectors are 1.25mm-1.5mm thick which makes them thicker than other frame protectors on the market! Most adhesive bike frame protectors and chainstay protectors are made of cheap flimsy vinyl or at the best 6mil-14 mil polyurethane material (note 1 mil = .0254mm so 14 mils = .36mm).

Module Tough Dome Downtube Protectors

Offer tough 1.25mm-1.5mm thick polyurethane for maximum Downtube Protection! Apply at the bottom of the downtube for protection against rocks, sticks and trail debris. Apply them at the top of the downtube just below your head tube junction to protect your frame and graphics against damage when transporting your bike in the back of a truck bed. We also offer small protectors for protection against brake lines and derailleur housing. We take MTB frame protection to the next level! Available in carbon look, clear and printed graphics.
Works great for Road and Gravel bike frames too!

Tough Dome Cable Rub and Small Frame Protectors
We offer two types - our Mini Shields are .85 inch circles - stick them anywhere to protect against cable housing and brake line rub. Frame Shields are 2" x 1 3/8" and offer more protection anywhere you need it. They also work great on fork lowers! Our domed frame protectors raise the housing above the paint and away from the frame for best protection.


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Tough Dome Products are manufactured in the USA